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Like George & Weezy Jefferson we’re movin’ on up. Come out and Catch Wreck with the crew Sat. May 2, at Mekos Skatepark in Newport News, VA, its gonna be a blast!

Go Ride Street


by: Bricktop

GBC VP Thomas “Biffcheese Spinoccoli” Holman, huckin’ bars on the streets of Downtown Orlando. “The weather’s getting nice again. Go ride street.”

I was on Facebook the other day just kicking around when I caught Casey Smith’s new BMX Retrospective Series, Reminiscence. In this first look Series, Casey treats you to some of the most memorable moments of a handful of coolest personalities on th  More...

As Spring nears and we are prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, we thought it would be cool to share a sample of some of the Butters we have for you this Summer. Check back for more to come!

This past week we hosted a flat ledge contest at Northside Park in Norfolk, where riders Jordan Hughson and Latane Coghill each walked away with a brand new pair of Widowmaker handlebars. It was an amazing site to see these two shredders going at it back   More...