Oh Yeah, that boy Maicol Mo is back, and he’s right on time with a doap new edit that absolutely delivers.

Peep JP Thompson and the boys from Keep It Rolling carve up Nashville in their new extras edit. The full video “440 Volts” drops this spring.

Testing of the new OCD bolt drive sprocket has been going on for over a month now and “amazing” is the one word that sums up its performance.

It’s been a while since we’ve dropped any new products, but new for 2017 is the OCD sprocket. 7075-T6 aluminum, full CNC machining, and hard anodizing, are just a few of the features that let you know that this sprocket means business. Get more details in the online shop.

Thanksgiving came early for me this year with this dope edit filmed by Justin Koebele and Austin Mazur. So, throw it back to 2013 and peep as Frank Quadros, Dan Iffil, Justin Koebele, Austin Mazur, and Grant Germain give you that rawness that makes you feel it.

Like George & Weezy Jefferson we’re movin’ on up. Come out and Catch Wreck with the crew Sat. May 2, at Mekos Skatepark in Newport News, VA, its gonna be a blast!

Go Ride Street


by: Bricktop

GBC VP Thomas “Biffcheese Spinoccoli” Holman, huckin’ bars on the streets of Downtown Orlando.
“The weather’s getting nice again. Go ride street.”

I was on Facebook the other day just kicking around when I caught Casey Smith’s new BMX Retrospective Series, Reminiscence. In this first look Series, Casey treats you to some of the most memorable moments of a handful of coolest personalities on the BMX scene. In this first installment, Reminiscence introduces you to, Trail Boss, Chris Faix, one of Norfolk VA’s strongest riders and all-around good guy. Check the footage.

As Spring nears and we are prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, we thought it would be cool to share a sample of some of the Butters we have for you this Summer. Check back for more to come!